Why you Should Choose Transportation of Containers by Truck

Drayage Trucking Industry – Save on Transport Time

In today’s world, it is important than ever to have the ability to transport goods in long distance in a safe and efficient manner. The most effective manner to do this is through the utilization of the commercial drayage trucking industry. While commercial trucking is fantastic, it does have a few challenges when using this type of service. Typically, truck drivers are allowed to travel 11 hours of a 14-hour drive, requiring that they must rest for three hours somewhere in between. Rest is mandatory as certain time frames exist where the driver must not drive for approximately 10 hours
The drayage trucking companies have expert drivers who know the routes and can help in transporting the products from one place to another. The drayage trucking companies charge you for the freight delivery. The freight delivery charges are according to the distance that the drayage trucking companies trucks have to travel and the load that they have to carry. The freight delivery charges also differ because of the vehicle that is used for the fulfillment service. Most of the freight delivery charges are based on the vehicle and the distance, but the wear and tear are not to be covered by the fulfillment service company. To avoid all kind if different damage types of sheets made up of different material are used to cover up the products that are transported.

Commercial truck drivers have these rules to ensure they are driving on our Nations highways safely and securely by getting enough rest in between. Overworked and excessively tired drivers have caused many serious accidents which result in injuries and even fatalities. With all these regulations it will be vital that you examine how freight is transported and time frames you need deliveries made in and still keep the drivers safe. As organizations seek more efficient ways to operate, intermodal systems can benefit them in keeping in compliance and ensuring the safety of the drivers and the deliveries.

To fully comprehend the rewards that a multimodal system can offer the trucking industry, you will need to understand what it is. Mostly drayage trucking system allows transportation of goods from one place to another through possibly more than one manner of transportation. For instance, should you have a shipment that arrived on the boat, sent by train to a precise location where it was picked up by a semi truck to get it to the desired location? This method is perfect for perishables or other high demand shipments that have to be delivered within specified time frames. Many of the largest companies rely on an intermodal system of travel for moving goods father distances that need more than trucks for delivery purposes.


Intermodal transport can even be accomplished by a technique called piggybacking. This, in essence, is the process of shipping a vessel over another, larger vessel. As an illustration, trucks are carried on a larger flatbed truck, and additional flatbed trailers can be linked to carrying more vehicles. Another instance of piggybacking is when thinking about cargo ships. These boats can be loaded up with lots of containers to transport these valuable and time sensitive goods long distances.

Drayage Trucking System For Faster Transport of Goods

By using the drayage trucking system of transport, corporations can swiftly transport their goods faster and more efficiently while increasing their profits in the process. Furthermore, truck companies can take heart in the fact that while using this system they are playing their part in helping to keep our roads safe from drivers who are either too sleepy to continue on their route or drivers who could be speeding to make it to their destination punctually. Intermodal transport has enhanced drayage trucking for the better and moving goods is made much easier.

There are several intermodal systems that companies can utilize to manage their transportation needs, but very few will meet all the demands required across the board for freight management. When examining which intermodal system will best suit your companies needs, be sure to research and get the very best the industry has to offer that will supply you with the most benefits.
Fulfillment Warehousing companies are very much in need by those who require a place to keep their stocks. Most of the stocks are a part of the fulfillment warehouses because they are the only locations where the products can be kept safe.

Different kinds of wrapping services are also provided by the drayage trucking companies for the freight delivery to be in the best condition in all sorts of weather conditions.

Different types of wrapping blankets are available in all sizes and shapes to cover different products. The products may be significant electronic shipments or regular home use furniture they require covering if being transported from one city to another or even far away.

Drayage Trucking for Special Equipment

Special equipment requires special handling for all those who want to receive everything they send from one place to another in the perfect condition. The following things are usually shipped out from one location to another  for domestic use:

a) Office Equipment

b) Medical Equipment

c) Industrial Equipment


d) Commercial Refrigeration

e) Restaurant Equipment

f) Electronics

g) Retail Fixtures

h) Furnitures

And several other products that are transported with care from one place to another.

Drayage trucking companies are needed when freight needs to be carried with care or when such things are to be transported with ease which cannot be moved around quickly.

The drayage trucking companies have such vehicles that can carry big loads across the countries with ease and without damaging anything. The trucks are big and have powerful engines that can pull big containers that are attached to the back of the truck. The trucks are big enough to manage significant shipments easily without damaging them.

There are different types of drayage trucks available for the delivery of various products and the person who has to get the shipment done needs to make sure what kind of vehicle he requires for the shipment of his products. It should also be ensured that the vehicle is roadworthy before it takes off for its destination so that no serious problem can occur during its course of journey

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