Power Units and Power Only Trucking

Convenient Times for Power Units

Do you have the freight which needs to be delivered? Perhaps you have a multitude of supplies that you have loaded into your van, flatbed trailer, or refer trailer. What do you do now? How do you access the means to haul your freight?
That’s where power unit trucks come in.
Power only trucking services are here to help. We specialize in our power units, which are large trucks that can haul any of your loads. We provide the tractor and the team; all you need to provide is your trailer or van. Read more to learn about the process of power trucking, and how it can be a necessary investment for you and your company.

Power only trucking is different than normal trucking. These power units contain an adjustable fifth wheel, which makes all the difference. Because they can be adjusted, they can be made to perfectly fit the size of your van or trailer. Our power units can match the specifications and measurements of your trailer, flatbed, reefer trailer, or van. It can be hard to decide exactly what dimensions and weight you’ll have until the power unit arrives. Because loading such a large amount of cargo can involve a lot of guessing, it’s nice to have the means to adjust to whatever size is needed.

How do you know when a power unit is needed, as opposed to a regular hauler? If you have a hefty amount of cargo that needs to be shipped to a distant location, or if you have an amount of freight that needs to stay in place for a long time, power only shipping may be your best option for your transportation needs.
Perhaps you have an extremely heavy unit or an awkwardly sized display that you need to ship safely and in a hurry. Power only trucking is available to help with those times where it may be the safest, cheapest, or only option available. Consider power only trucking for shipping help with:
• Job sites and equipment storage
• Refrigerators and other heavy appliances
• Exhibits, promotional items, large marketing sets
• Heavy equipment that is rarely moved
• Mobile homes
• Mobile operation centers for blood donations, disaster relief, and other service and supply organizations
You should have a full-time trailer if you are dealing with any of the above. However, you don’t always necessarily need the tractor to go along with it. Having a driver on staff can get expensive, especially if you won’t be using him frequently. This is why power only shipping is your best option for all of your large or unusual shipping needs. Our power units are designed to haul big, heavy, and differently sized items. Because of the technology built into the tractor, it can haul your freight safely and simply.

Power only trucking is best for long-distance or unexpected moves. If you need to transport some heavy equipment or a large set from one part of the country to the other, power units are truly the best – and likely the only – option. They are great for one-way hauls and can save you money in the long run. Power units have also been used for a quick or unexpected move. Perhaps a disastrous flood damaged your building, and you need to move some large equipment out of there fast. Our power units can adjust to your size and get your freight moved safely away.

Power units should also be considered if you have a tractor of your own that you need to move. Sometimes, you may need to move your tractor to a new location but you don’t necessarily have a driver, and you aren’t looking to hire one. A power only truck can haul your tractor to its new destination easily and effectively.

Key Tips for Power Only Trucking

There are some key facts you should know before investing in a power unit. Your next job is important, and hauling your cargo safely and quickly is the most crucial factor. Power only trucking is available to help you with all of your transportation needs, no matter how big or small. Here are a few final tips to keep in mind when considering an investment in one of our power units:
• XPower only trucking, power units, and power only shipping are common terms in the industry that imply an independent company. Remember that power only trucking is its own business, and by investing in a power unit, you are purchasing a service from our company. Power only drivers are independent or employed by a logistics company. You are paying to rent or lease the tractor for your hauling and shipping needs.
• Power only shipping is the best way to have your trailers, flatbeds, vans, and refer trailers shipped and stored without an extra cost. If you own your own trailer, you don’t have to worry about paying for its cost of storage. With power units, you are simply renting the driver who will haul your freight around for you.
• Power units are affordable, reliable, and always available.
• The most common types of freight that we ship are refrigerated vans, shipping containers, flatbeds, refer trailers, promotional sets, appliances, and other heavy equipment.

If you need to rent a driving crew, invest in Xpower only trucking. Our power units provide the tractor at any time. Simply load your own trailers and freight onto the tractor, and we will haul it to your desired destination. We can haul your freight cross-country, internationally, and too quick and unexpected locations. Work closely with our power units to see the advantages in store for you.

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